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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I'm back!!! I've been avoiding the blog. Just living life. Unfortunately. I think this avoidance has affected my photography. I'm still taking pictures. BUT I don't feel quite so motivated to do so. I haven't been upping my skills either. No practicing. SO... I'm committing myself to another Project 365. I started today. Wanna see? Head over to (for now...). I've decided to jump to wordpress too. No reason really. Just that I figure a change would help keep me on my toes and maybe help me keep interested. Sometimes it just seems more fun if I make it complicated! Ha! Anyway. If you're still around, feel free to pop on over!!! OH. And I have been peeking in on many of you, just haven't been leaving comments. =( Sorry. I was just being super selfish with my time!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back to Blogging!!

I somehow managed to take myself a nice, long blogging break!!! Suppose I just needed it... and voila... it happened!! I've decided though that I'm going to revert back to my old blog... at . Feel free to come visit me over there. I'll still post pictures... and talk about photography, but I'm going to ramble a little about other things too. All an attempt to figure out what to do next... how to get my house running smoothly... and back to learning about topics that interest me. Visit me over at !! See you soon... won't wait so long before my next post, I promise!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Week 8 - Project 366/52

So... I'm late again. Story of my current life I guess!! I have started catching up on visiting other blogs though... don't give up on me... I'm still around!! =) Anyway, without further ado... my week in pictures.

February 20
Feb. 20

Not sure what it was, but something about this half disintegrated leaf caught my eye. Spring is starting to show it's colors here (very slowly), but winter still has it hold, as seen here.

February 21
Feb. 21

I posted a similar picture to this with my Scavenger Hunt Sunday set. This is a pulled back view. I just like the "dreaminess" of it... the contrast of man-made to the natural!!

February 22
Feb. 22

Lots of these pretty little weeds in our yard right now!! I've tried hard to capture them and I think this is my favorite shot so far!!

February 23
Feb. 23

Not very inspired this day. While watching The Kiddos play at a new-ish playground, this clump of dirt caught my eye... LOL!! =P

February 24
Feb. 24

I'm so excited that it's looking like I didn't kill my hydrangea plant!!! Small gardening victory for me!!!! =)

February 25
Feb. 25 - Love

Strawberry muffins, strawberry coffee cake, strawberry scones... went on a baking spree to save the 'berries!! =) In LOVE with all of these conversions, but my FAVORITE was the coffee cake... YUM!!!
Naptime Momtog

February 26
Feb. 26 - Cabin Fever

Our immediate neighborhood is lacking in kids... but we manage to pull in the troops every now and again. Here I captured a group enjoying the sunshine and escaping the indoors!! All had driven parents a little crazy the day before... weekend cabin fever setting in!!!
project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

February Favorite
My February favorite

My favorite shot from February. Just love how The Girl is checking up on The Boy's expression to see if she's doing it right. She really does look up to him... though she can totally be the boss too!!! Sibling love is so fun!!! =)
Sweet Shot DayNaptime Momtog

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - Feb. 26

Busy week! Glad to be sitting here now updating my blog and half watching the Oscars. I haven't seen half the movies this year... just haven't had the chance, but still enjoying watching. AND without further rambling... my interpretations for this week's scavenger hunt.


Figured this fit the prompt in several ways. The fence crosses itself... the plants cross themselves... and then they all cross each other. The natural and the man-made.

A Glimpse

Caught another glimpse of spring this week. This is the first of my grape hyacinths (at least I think that's what they are) to bloom. Just one. And I caught a glimpse of it while out watching the kids run wild in the beautiful spring weather we've had this week.


My valentine from The Boy. Handwritten with love!!! I got it on Valentine's but didn't think to take a picture of it until this week. It's the first that he did alone... without me prodding him along (I guess I usually only prod to get him to make one for 'Dada,' but that in return prompts him to make one for me too... not so this year!!).


Bought too many strawberries this week. They started going a little bad. Before I lost them all, I went on a baking spree. This is one of my fruit conversions... pure bliss!!!


Yep. Not much inspiration on this one. I was waiting for a gray day, but missed my one chance. I captured the raindrops on the rainy day and forgot to focus on the sky. So... last minute I walked around the house and captured a gray cord. Very exciting!! =P

ND there you have it... my interpretations. Thanks for stopping by this week! For more stop by Ashley's...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Week 7 - Project 366/52

So... helped out a friend in need this past week and put my blog on the back-burner. Things happen. Now it's time to play a little catch-up!! Here's my picture of the day shots for last week...

February 13
February 13

Brought this glass of water out to drink while I kept an eye on The Kids while they chalked up the front walk. The shadow caught my eye... so I took a picture!! =)

February 14 - True Love
February 14 - True Love

For my littlest true loves. We started several years ago getting The Kids balloons for Valentine's Day. We did it again this year... and they were received with smiles!! =)

February 15 - Favorite Feature
February 15 - Favorite Feature

Flowers are always a favorite feature of spring!! So happy to welcome them back!! =)
Naptime Momtog

February 16
February 16

Rainy day. I got a couple pictures of rain-drips, but then I decided to blur 'em all!! Kind of digging the results!! =)

February 17
February 17
I have some of these in my yard, but a much smaller plant. One day I hope it is a large as this one is... but for now I just look forward to it's blooms returning!! =)

February 18
February 18

Leftovers from a day of digging fun...

February 19
February 19
Went to watch a little presentation on maple syrup. The Kids enjoyed it for a short bit, but I enjoyed it more! This was a example of how the Indians may have collected syrup from Maple trees. Oh how I wish we had a Maple tree in our yard. I might give making my own syrup a go!! =)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - Feb. 19

Dreaming of spring, but still holding out for a good snow... this is my current state of mind. Can you tell from this weeks interpretations?!

Feb. 19- Love

I just love the dirty little hands of The Kids... a sure sign of spring!! Here they are gathering a worm for the worm hotel they've built... in the dirt. I was out pulling weeds from the garden... and they started to help, but soon turned to digging and playing in the dirt... so much more fun!!

Feb. 19- Duplicated

The weeds are quickly duplicated in our yard. One minute there's one... the next 100!! =P

Feb. 19- Trend(ing)

Here's evidence that our weather is trending towards spring. I'm just hoping that a cold snap doesn't steal our wonderful spring colors before they are really here!!

Feb. 19- Paper

I made these little heart envelope presents for The Kids for Valentine's Day. You open 'em up and get a heart card and a little gift...

Feb. 19- Plastic

Lots and lots of plastic in our house. I need to watch my every step, because unfortunately The Kids are not so good at cleaning up after themselves!!!

AND there you have it... my interpretations. Thanks for stopping by this week! For more stop by Ashley's...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 6- Project 366/52

Another week... how time flies!! Not too rambly tonight... so here's my week in pictures.

February 6
Feb 6

Frosty morning inspired me to head back out to take a few pictures after dropping the kids on the bus. Loved how the light was shining just so!!

February 7
Feb 7

While The Kids were running wild at a playground, I spotted this little fellow. He had a friend higher up in the tree too. Oh how I wish I had a little more zoom power!!! =D

February 8
Feb 8

Rainy, rainy day. Not much inspiration for me. These birds were spotted on the way home from a trip to Target... oh how I love Target on a rainy day... any day really!!

February 9
Feb 9

The Girl was home sick with pink eye today... so we started her Valentine card gifts. I've seen melted crayon projects around the web for quite some time... and this seemed to be the perfect day to finally give it a go!! LOVE how they turned out... and more importantly so does The Girl!!!

February 10
Feb 10

Our old fence... is crumbling away. I'm guessing we should really replace the gates soon, but for now... they definitely have some character!

February 11
Feb 11 - recharge

Here's my interpretation of 'recharge.' Pretty literal I think. Recharging my iPod for another day of use!! =P
Naptime Momtog

February 12
Feb 12 substitute - drink up!
AND... here I gotta admit I cheated. I didn't take a picture yesterday. I was experiencing day 2 of a icky migraine... and just didn't get the camera out. I had plans to take my 'Drink Up' picture, but instead I pulled this picture from others I took on February 6th (so at least still this week, right?!). Anyway, I've decided this could fit with the 'Drink Up!' theme... I mean 'Drink Up!' her cuteness, right?!? Yeah... I'm stretching it, but it'll do!! =)
project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

As always thanks for stopping by and have a great week!!!