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Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 14/365

 Day 14- Black birds. (f/5.6 1/250 100 )
So.. wasn't so happy about my picture results today. The sky was giving me problems. It was oh so gray most of the day. Not a good Monday gray. I think a few of the shots have potential, if I knew how to edit. I think... perhaps... it's time to figure it out! I like this photo because it almost looks like I took two pictures and combined them in an action series shot. Not what I did though... all I did was crop a little.

AND just 'cause I can't seem to post just one picture a day...
(f/5.6 1/250 100)
My Mr. Wonderful liked this picture. What do you think? It's definitely unique, but a total mistake!

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Audrey @ Foreclosed to Fabulous said...

I like that first shot too! Very cool, looks like a sequence of shots.