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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 6/365

Day 6- Deer (f/8.0 1/30 100)
Ok... so the vine ruined this shot I think. BUT... that's not why I like this shot... I love the texture on the deer. Even BETTER... I love that I took this shot on MANUAL!!! I'm quite proud of myself. (OH, so far all my pictures are straight from the camera... I'm no good at editing [it's on my list]... except for the occasional crop.)

BONUS: Adding a picture of The Girl... also taken on MANUAL!!
(f/4.0 1/200 100)


Sarah Halstead said...

yay for manual!! :D You will get the hang of it in no time.

Audrey @ Foreclosed to Fabulous said...

Looking good :-)

Ingrid said...

YAY! For shooting on manual! It feels good doesn't it? Keep at it. It does take time to get comfortable. I've been doing it since Sept and I still have a ways to go. I'm looking forward to it being second nature when adjusting my settings. Right now I have to stop, thinking, decide, and them adjust everything. I take so long sometimes I miss the shot and/or miss my light. :( I'm getting faster though. It can be tough to stay positive if you feel like you're not progressing as much as you like.