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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 23/365

Day 23- Friends. (f/5.6 1/50 800) (NOTE: taken through the "monkey" glass... Mama sanity saver at CFA)
The Girl was getting upset that her little friend wasn't playing with her. She was pouting in the Chick-fil-a (CFA) playground. I decided to try to capture her pouty face... to capture her "how they look." Before I could snap the picture though, her little friend saw the camera and posed a super silly pose. Poor girl, but really... I couldn't help but laugh!!
(f/5.6 1/50 800) Here's a photo showing her full pout! So sweet and mournful. I do get to see it a lot at this age. HOPING I see less as she gets older, but not really holding my breath!

By the way, the second capture was inspired by willette's the joy of LOVE free course that started yesterday! The assignment... capture a loved one "how they look." Like I said... I got The Girl being her pouty self. An all too regular occurrence in our house! Go check out the class and other participants... =)
(f/5.6 1/15 800) Not a normal occurrence in our house, but I just had to capture the moment... The Girl took a nap today!!!! Sleeping children always make me happy!! =)


Audrey @ Foreclosed to Fabulous said...

WOW! Yay for naptime!! And of course love those pictures!

snapshots2011 said...

A picture really does say a thousand words, huh? That first shot (combined with the story behind it) just cracked me up! I hope she's feeling happier today!

Jennifer said...

Great shots! The first one made me smile. :)

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

I always said my boys were at their best when they were sleeping. It meant they had a busy and hopefully fun day.