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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 30/365

Day 30- (f/5.6 1/20 100) Sunrise!
The sky was spectacular this morning! Now that I'm looking at the pictures I captured... I'm wishing I'd captured the WHOLE sky... and then tried to create panorama. Next time. Sunrises like this really help make the day so much better!


Audrey @ Foreclosed to Fabulous said...

Wow! I need to remember to check the sky out more often! Great photo!!

snapshots2011 said...

Only one word is needed- stunning!

The Clip Cafe said...

Oh indeed! That would start my day wonderfully :-)

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

you took the words right out of my throughts, agree it is a wonderful way to start the day and it does make it better.