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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 63/365 - Week 2: 52 Weeks of Happiness

Day 63- Daffodils!!!!
So, I saw these from my house yesterday. Across the way, in a little wooded area. Today we went over to get a closer look. AND since they were in a common area (an out of the way common area), I decided to let The Girl pick one... just one. I couldn't help myself. Her joy just made my heart melt. AND then... seeing how she reacted to the picked flower made it melt even more! Maybe she can pick another one another day... or maybe another little neighbor girl and have her chance at joy from a first BIG flower of the spring!!!! Love the signs... LOVE them!!! =)
Also love seeing things like this tree. At first glance I thought it was just a fallen tree waiting to be removed. On closer inspection though...
I realized that this tree is still quite healthy and growing. Do you see all the new growth branches... growing up towards the sun?! I think it's been this way for awhile. I think it's staying. AND I think I'm loving this tree. On a sunnier day... I will likely come back to it and try to capture it better!


snapshots2011 said...

Adorable! And its great how you allowed her to "stop and smell the roses" (er...daffodils..)
That tree is pretty incredible too!

Michelle said...

Gretchen, your story board with the daffodills is as much fun as the story board with the jeans. It's fun to see her different expressions. Love it! Thanks for your encouragement by the way. I really appreciate it. :)

Kimberly said...

LOVE the photos of your daughter!

And that is a very cool-looking tree.

Flower Photography said...

I really like the collection of daffodil shots! Bright yellow!

Melissa said...

I love each expression of her joy! They make me smile!