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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 64/365

Day 64- Randomness
So, I took a lot of random pictures today. Shots of things The Kids were playing with. The Boy put this set-up together. This is a silicone cupcake liner with some sparkly flower decorations (for a Pegasus toy). The liners are a current favorite play "toy" of The Girl's right now. Why? Who knows! Makes me wonder why we buy them toys!!
This is a ceramic piggy bank The Girl painted. Gorgeous, huh?! I think so... but I might be slightly biased! She plays with this too... even though I tell her to put it on the shelf 'cause she's likely to break it. She loves it!
AND this is The Boy doing homework. I feel bad that I don't get more pictures of him these days. It's that school thing. I don't really see him that long during the day. AND when I do see him he's running or sitting doing homework!  I'll have to work on capturing him more... =)


Kimberly said...

I also find it funny that my kids have so many toys and yet would rather play with non-toy items. An empty paper towel roll will entertain for hours. :) As well as my tripod for my camera. If I happen to leave it out, the boys will play with it as long as I let them.

My two older kids don't get as many photos of them during the school year either. Same reason as yours.

snapshots2011 said...

I love how hard your son is concentrating on his work. And the piggy is adorable!

Michelle said...

Great way to capture him in the moment, concentrating! How I wish I had learned to take photos like this when my kids were younger. And, yeah, why do we buy them toys? Some of my kids' favorites were an empty laundry basket and a large cardboard box.

Flower Photography said...

Love the piggy and your boy hard at work ;-)

Melissa said...

Nice shots! I think the piggy is gorgeous too! I agree with Michelle - I have way too many posed shots of my boys when they were younger.