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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 67/365

Day 67- The "Super Perigee Moon"
Did you see it? It's full and the closest it's been since the early 90s. I did and tried to capture it! I shot the moon the other day too, but this one was in the dark. I think it turned out not too bad. I wish I had better zoom abilities... this is with my 55-250mm lens... set at 250mm. I've tried to capture the moon at night before, but I always get camera shake. I'm happy with this attempt!! AND yes, I took this tripod-free... didn't have my tripod with me... bummer.
AND... The Kiddos "camping" out (indoors). =)


Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

great shot of the moon. I did see it and took some shots, it was so windy that even on a tripod my shots had motion blur in them.

Melissa said...

You captured a great shot of the moon! Mine were not so good...Love the shot of the kiddos too!

Michelle said...

Great job with your moon photo. Cute kiddos, too.

Courtney said...

That is a great shot of the moon! I wish I could have captured one myself but it was super cloudy here :O)

snapshots2011 said...

You took that moon picture without a tripod?! Wow! Great job!