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Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 73/365

Day 73- Winters back for the weekend...
Woke up to some frost on the ground (and the cars) this morning! After dropping The Boy off at the bus... I grabbed a few shots of it. HOPEFULLY I won't see it much again after today! (Planning on sleeping in tomorrow and Sunday... maybe... hopefully.)
 Later... we were swinging! The Girl got herself another daffodil... LOVES it! Doesn't she look like a superstar?! =P NOTE the Priority Mail sticker... she scored big on errand running today... a sticker, a lollipop, an a rice-crispie sample. Lucky girl!
 I like the look on her face here.
 AND... here's The Boy... swinging along too! Note that he's got his backpack on still.
 Who knows what he's doing here... getting crazy. Look at the big hole in his mouth! LOVE those missing teeth!! =P
Ah... the monkey bars AND note the somewhat blue sky! SUCKING it up as much as I can... looks like we have a snowy weekend and a rainy week ahead of us. =\

(I just have to share... I went out for a 3 mile run with my Mr. Wonderful this morning!! Despite the cold 35 degrees F, we did good and finished in decent time. I'm just excited that I DID it... I'm ready for my upcoming 5K! Seriously want to drag my camera along with me, but I suppose that might be too much extra weight... AND it would make for awkward running. What to do?!)


snapshots2011 said...

Love the snowy leaves!
Congratulations on your upcoming 5K! Hopefully in a few more weeks I'll be there as well-- and I was wondering the same thing about carrying a camera. Hopefully I'll have some fans cheering me on from the sidelines and they can take some pictures. If not, I always run with my phone, so that takes pictures at the very least!

Flower Photography said...

Great shots - love the icy plant and the second one :-)

Kimberly said...

Great photos! Love the frosty leaves, although I am also tired of frosty, cold days. Your kids look like they are having fun!

Best wishes on your 5K! I haven't decided when my first of 2011 will be. Still deciding. Working around my husband's crappy work schedule.

Meg said...

Ooh, I love the perspective on that last one! Those kids are so cute!

Michelle said...

35 degrees and you're out for a 3 mile run to prepare for a 5K? You go, girl...that definitely is something to be proud of!

Your pictures are fave is the second to last one. I smiled when I read that he was swinging with his backpack. I sure miss having kids that age! :)