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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 93/365

Day 93- Outdoor fun
Went to a new-ish playground (we just haven't been there in a LONG while... so it felt new to The Kids) with The Kids today. Had a nice little picnic and let The Kids run... and spin!
 Making faces in the mirror...
 more spinning! Great fun!
We also scoped out another park... found these boats waiting for the summer to arrive. I think we'll be trying one or two of them out VERY soon! =P

NOTE: I'll likely be offline the next few days. I kind of maxed my hard drive out this week. Oops... guess it's par for the 365er?! I got myself a external one... I'll be moving over the next few days. Gotta get my computer running smoother... it's so S-L-O-W these days! Maybe once I get it moving again I can try out shooting RAW format photos. Hmm... Anyway, hoping to be back soon... will be continue to take pictures (and posting when I get the computer fixed up again). Hope to post again by Sunday. If not, HAPPY EASTER!


deb duty said...

Fun shots of your trip to the park! Good luck getting your photos transferred over. I'm in the process of doing the same thing. I'm almost out of room.

Michelle said...

Looks like a fun park...especially the ones with the boats. Sorry about your sluggish computer...good luck getting everything transferred over. I should really do that, too.

Thanks for your kind note and for thinking of our family. It was a stressful time, but thankfully all is well.

Flower Photography said...

Gorgeous fun. Love days like this!