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Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 94/365

Day 94- More Spring
Got a few more flower shots today. I must say I love these pink flowers. Wonder if I can get a tree like this in my yard... I think it's a dogwood.
And some bleeding hearts (?)... though I thought they were pink?! These were some of my favorites as a kid.

NOTE: I'm up 2 GB free space on my computer... the computer is still moving slow though... guess I got a long way to go. I just figured I'd post a hair late on this post... it takes awhile to upload and post at the same time... so I split it up a bit. Might do the same for today's (4/23) picture too...


Flower Photography said...

Gorgeous I love flowers will never tire of them EVER! :-)

Michelle said...

Wow, Gretchen. I believe you could make money selling your flower shots. I love the bleeding hearts, but the dogwood is my favorite. They're absolutely stunning. I gave you a shoutout on your crabapple tree. I'm in awe. One day...I hope to have a camera that will allow me to do that!