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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 95/365

Day 95- Painting Eggs (and decorating cookies)
So... I WAS going to post these in the morning (since the computer is still sluggish), BUT it's going to be a busy morning. So... I'm up a little late. AND posting now. Why not?! The Kids painted eggs today... I'm loving the expressions in the above shot!
 So colorful! Dyed eggs always make me HAPPY!
So proud. And side note... the Tooth-fairy will be visiting us tonight as well as the Easter bunny... wonder if they'll meet up for a few!
AND... I couldn't help but post this too. =P

Have a great Easter all!! =)


Flower Photography said...

Hehe LOVE the faces!!

Michelle said...

Love those expressions (especially the last You will be so glad you captured these when they're all grown up and you're reminiscing through your photos.

snapshots2011 said...

My fingers looked just as colorful as theirs did- it must mean we all had a good time dying eggs!