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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Day77-Yard flower update
So... this morning was rainy... VERY rainy. Didn't want to leave the house and decided that at the rain breaks I would wander through the yard and see how some of the flowers were doing! A bright spot in a dreary day!! The Bradford pear tree is most gorgeous right now....
Flower Photography

{Linking this one up... it's out taken out my (W)indow!}

It's a little past peak... the top is more green than white now, but it's still gorgeous...
and dreamy!! (OH... the sky did get blue with white puffy clouds by late afternoon... do you see?!) It's what I see out my window during meals... I LOVE mealtime these days. EVEN if the kids are not being the best... I can look out the window and daydream!
The lilac bush is starting to bloom. Not many blooms, but it's starting!!!
AND the flowering crabapple tree (maybe?!)... is getting ready to bloom. Another week or two maybe?!
Lastly, I noticed the strawberries... they MIGHT be coming in! I thought for sure I ruined them... I'm afraid I might have a slight black thumb. =\

Thank you for your kind thoughts... they are very much appreciated. I'm trying to get back to "normal," working on visiting you all soon!!!


Kimberly said...

Such pretty blossoms! We're still waiting here. The trees have buds but nothing has opened yet. Probably because winter is not done with us yet. :)

Flower Photography said...

I just LOVE blossoms!! Thanks for linking up :-)

Janell said...

love the window shot!

Meg said...

Wow!! That first picture is amazing!! Just gorgeous blossoms! :)