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Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 104/365

Day 104- Celebrate
Busy day! Posting a little late 'cause I waited 'til last minute and my computer decided to not move for me! Anyway, it was a good day! =)
 Happy Birthday to The Boy!!
AND... just 'cause I've been seeing these around the web... I saw one yesterday and decided to give it a shot! Here's my attempt... not super happy with it, but kind of like it. Eh... will try again another day.


Michelle said...

It looks good to me. Happy birthday to your son. I love the b'day glow from the cake in the second pic...I like his expression, too. :)

snapshots2011 said...

Mario--My kind of cake! I love the picture with the glow of the candles illuminating his face- awesome!