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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 119-121/365

Day 119- Bliss-dom
The last few days my Mr. Wonderful was away on business. I slacked and didn't get these shots posted on time. I chose to mope instead... well, enjoy all bits of quiet I could without feeling like I HAD to do it. I HAD enough to do... I needed total chill time AND I took it!! BUT I did manage to take shots on the day they were to be taken. This first shot... MMMMmmmm!! If you haven't had this chocolate yet, give it a try... it's DELICIOUS!!!!!!
Day 120-The Girl and her pizza adventure...
AND this is all I could get of her. She just would not let me take a picture. Hmpf! At least here you can see her... most other shots I got this day were the chair and nothing more. In retrospect, I should have taken a shot of her pizza (cheese only... no sauce, not other toppings). BUT my mind was running on survival mode the last few days and I wasn't really thinking!! =P
Day 121- A little nature
I planted this Mother's Day surprise (it's a "blau meister" hydrangea) soon after Mother's Day. They're still living!!! I'm quite proud. Today they caught me eye... all the little flowers in the middle are starting to bloom. So pretty!
AND then there was this little guy on the back door. Ignore how dirty the door is... actually I'm glad it's dirty... makes for a more interesting shot in my opinion! Anyway, he's awfully white and small and I wasn't able to focus in on him as much as I would've liked (I'm really wanting a macro lens), but I kind of like how this shot turned out!

Anyway, I enjoyed taking a break. I know it's not quite the way a Project 365 is supposed to work, but hey... this is MY project, MY rules!! Need to preserve MY SANITY if I want to make it to the end of 365 days you know!! =) I'll come visiting tomorrow... for now... to more chill time with my Mr. Wonderful!! =D


Michelle said...

I'm glad you took time off when you needed it, and glad your Mr. Wonderful is back home. That's an interesting insect, and you're right...that chocolate is D'LISH!!! I wish I had some right now. :)

Kimberly said...

That is a most interesting and beautiful flower! and a cool-looking bug! Glad you had a good break! We all need them sometimes.

Sarah said...

Great photos. Love that hydrangea. Gorgeous.