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Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 122/365

Day 122- Playing with toys...
So... went on a little walk in park today with a friend. I was going to run, but needed a slower day... and walking with friends is always a welcomed activity! I didn't have my regular camera (like I said I was going to run) AND of course ran into all sorts of photo ops. WELL, I realized I DID have my iPod with me... so I pulled it out and took it for a test run. Not too shabby. I was disappointed that my shot of two geese families and a blue heron didn't really come out... they were just too far away and cropping couldn't even save it.
I've seen this before and probably photographed it before, but like I said... I was playing! Seeing what this little portable camera could do for me.
My beautiful girl and roses!! =)

So... in a pinch my lil' toy will do a decent job of capturing lil' treasures along my daily adventures. Not the best... but not the worst either. I'm happy with it and will continue to play!! =) (I did take a few shots with my BIG camera, but figured these were more fun for today!)


Michelle said...

Neat. I like the natural picture frame in the first photo. Bummer about the blue heron. Most of my bird shots turn out that way.

About the second photo....I really hope that's not an outhouse! ;)

Anne U said...

What is that second shot, an old outhouse? I really like the first shot, has a vintage photo feel to it.

Kimberly said...

The important thing is that you are taking photos and making memories. :) I also like the natural framing in the first photo!

Sarah said...

That last photo is so cute!