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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 124/365

Day 124- Back to the lil' waterfall
Went for a walk with the family this morning! Back to the little waterfall my hubby and I found one day awhile back while running. The kids LOVE it... and it's a pretty walk. AND this morning was the perfect day to travel that way!!
Was able to get the kids to pose in front of it... sort of. I want to learn to capture them better, but I don't know where to begin... suggestions on posing and such? I do like this shot though.
My Mr. Wonderful took some time to try to teach The Boy to skip stones. I was lucky to catch a few shots of the teaching/learning in action. So sweet!! The Boy hasn't learned yet, but he's trying.
AND just when I thought I was done shooting pictures (actually even put my camera away in it's case)... I saw this beauty. It's been awhile since my last deer shot. Saw this guy at the end of the walk while The Kiddos played at the playground. Wonderful day!


Kimberly said...

Great photos! Such a pretty waterfall. I don't have any suggestions as to how to get better pictures of your kids. I have the same problem. Mine don't like to be still very long, so I usually just try to catch them when I can. :) Love the deer photo!

Melissa said...

I am forever getting my camera back out too! Enjoyed these shots. Beautiful day, it looks like!