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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 130-134/365

Day 130- Young one
This guy is too cute... I just had to try to capture him! He saw me... and as you can see... he's keeping his eye on me!!
Day 131- Another Garden Update
The peas are coming! The peas are coming!! I can't say that I've ever seen the flowers on a pea plant... so am quite excited to see them in our lil' garden.
Day 132- Ewwww... but still had pool time fun
So, brought the kids to a pool today, but before we got in completely... I spotted this guy!!!
WOW!! I think he's the biggest wolf spider I've seen in the "wild." We netted him and threw him out. OH... and this is a smaller sized basketball... so maybe not quite as HUGE as he might seem, but still HUGE!!
AND just to show some non-icky shots... here's The Boy enjoying the water AFTER ridding it of icky spiders! =P
AND one more... just for fun!
Day 133- The bunny is back...
AND I'm guessing he must like it here and thinking we'll see him around more! I got pretty close to him here. I couldn't believe how close he let me (AND The Kids) before...
he hopped away! Not the best action shot, but I tried. I think it's a little cool!
Day 134- Daylily blooming!
AND today we found this beautiful surprise in our garden! My Mr. Wonderful's Mom brought this to me last summer from her garden. I thought they had been lost, but am pleasantly surprised to have them blooming! These blooms are slightly bittersweet at the moment though... my Mr. Wonderful's Mom is losing her battle with cancer. It's been a tough week here... and I'm likely to be doing more combined posts like this over the coming weeks. I'm still trying to keep taking pictures, but posting may be more spotty. Thank you for sticking with me if you do... and thank you for any thoughts and prayers you send our way.


Anne U said...

Wow, HUGE spider! Really like the motion bunny shot too.

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

The run away bunny shot is great, day lilys generally wouldn't bloom the year they are planted but the following year they show off their vivid colors in the beautiful blooms.

My prayers are sent your way.

Michelle said...

Praying for your family, Gretchen. Your poor hubby has been through a lot lately with his dad and now his mom. Especially keeping him in prayer...I know it can't be easy.

As always BEAUTIFUL photos. The deer (so cool!), the bunny (love it and the action one), and the lily are my faves. As for the spider...I'm impressed anyone got in the pool after that! Ewww. ;)

snapshots2011 said...

The spider pic is so yucky! I wouldn't go near that with a 300mm zoom! lol
And thoughts are being sent your way

deb duty said...

I love both bunny shots! The pool looks so refreshing -after the spider was taken care of that is! Great shot of the peas too.