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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 135-138/365

Day 135- Moth
Ok... time to work my way back to posting again! I'm going to catch up over the next few days... if all goes as planned. I've tried to take pictures everyday (I think I missed one day... just couldn't motivate myself)... and I'm continuing to do so. Here's a few that I took in the past week.
I'm not entirely sure what this guy is... and I'd normally try to look it up, but I'm falling asleep now. I'll work on it later! Found this guy just outside the door... on my way out to enjoy a cup of coffee! I like his shadow in the second shot... his furry face in the first shot!!
Day 136- Strawberry Chocolate Chip Scones
Sometimes when stressed... I bake. I bake so I can eat. AND these were DELICIOUS!!!
Day 137- Beautiful Day
Spent time outdoors. This drop on my plants caught my eye... I think it was from after watering since we haven't had rain in forever.
Birds in the tree... there were lots of them this day! I took lots of shots... many were of tails, wings, beaks, BUT I did get a few decent shots! I enjoyed just watching... wish I knew what more of them were.
Day 138- The Squirrel
Had the slip-n-slide out for The Kids. Caught this squirrel "thinking" about going for a slide!
Later found a squirrel grabbing a snack!
AND then found this. ACK! I suspect my squirrel friend/enemy, but I suppose I could be wrong. I feel for my tulips though. Suppose I'll have to plant more in the fall.

Will do more catching up tomorrow...


Michelle said...

Gretchen...'glad you're back! :) The squirrels are my favorites, especially the one in the tree.

Kimberly said...

Very cool moth! My kids love stuff like that! And those scones look so good! My daughter has been baking chocolate chip cookies for VBS ... and I've been trying unsuccessfully NOT to eat them. :)

Glad you are back!