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Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 139-141/365

Day 139-Bird watching
I spent some time watching birds at these bird feeders! Finding that bird watching/listening is quite relaxing. This shot caught my eye 'cause of the bird flying away from the feeder... AND the bokeh!! =D
And this shot... I like the feeder!
Day 140- Clematis
How could I not enjoy this?! Blue skies and beautiful flowers!!
Day 141- Drive-by shooting
Was in the car... coming home. I pulled out my camera and decided to try out my hand at some car shots! I must say... I'm kind of surprised that these turned out like they did. Not too shabby... not great, but not bad for being taken in a moving car... and for being such a hot and hazy day! LOVE the scenery on this ride. One of these days this summer I'll probably drag The Kids out for a few photo shoots along this drive!! =P
 Love the mountains and the valleys! Very peaceful!
AND we saw LOTS of these... hay bale time!! =)

So... not caught up yet. Don't quite have it in me to finish catching up. Hopefully tomorrow!! I'm going to try to visit now...


Kimberly said...

Wonderful photos! Love the clematis! My MIL has some blooming but when I was out last, my camera battery was dead. Hoping to get back out soon to photograph them before they die. :) Love your drive-by shootings! :) And I also enjoy bird watching.

Audrey said...

Just now catching up on your blog!! Love, love, love the new photos!! Keep em coming! I always love to see what you come up with!!

Michelle said...

I love that first photo! I also liked your "drive by shootings."

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

I really enjoy birding, thinking of heading out tomorrow.