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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 142-144/365

Day 142- Ailanthus webworm moth
Interesting little visitor. Love his painted wings... look like little white flowers.
Day 143- Heirloom tomatoes
Hoping these guys keep growing for me... and the squirrels or other critters don't steal them away from me! They're already looking pretty tasty!! =D
Day 144- Sunflower
Went to a friend's house today and part of her backyard has sprouted quite a few of these tall beauties!!! Gorgeous against the blue sky we had yesterday!

AND... tomorrow I will post today's and tomorrow's shots... and be all caught up with posting!! I would post today's but the computer has decided to update itself... so it is moving slow suddenly. UGH!


snapshots2011 said...

You must have amazing dirt where you live- my tomato plants are still in the yellow flower stage and my sunflowers are barely a foot tall!

Michelle said...

What an interesting insect. I ♥ the vivid colors in the last shot. My sunflowers aren't even knee high yet.

Audrey said...

LOVE that sunflower shot!! Must have a copy, I'll pay you the copyright fee,lol!