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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 145-146/365

Day 145-Day at a BIG playground
Brought The Girl out to a BIG playground today... one that is so big I don't much like bringing both kids when I'm alone!! They run off in opposite directions and I lose site of them. I can handle one at a time... and since The Boy is still in his last days of school, this was a special treat for The Girl! She LOVED the teeter totter and I LOVED...
these climbing bars... a rainbow! I'm not quite happy with this shot. I almost like it, but it's not quite right. I also have...
this one. BUT the same issue. I almost like it, but again... something isn't quite right. Might have to head back to the park just to get the perfect shot of these things. Not sure if it's possible. Too many distracting playthings all around it. It was hard to get a shot that you didn't see those things!! =P
Day 146- Street hockey fun
After dinner tonight I caught the boys playing some street hockey! They haven't played this in quite awhile. Good fun!! Gave me a chance to practice some action shots too! =D
I kind of like this shot... and if you look closely you can see the dang gnats hanging out near The Boy's back. Dang gnats... =P

AND now I'm all caught up again!! It feels good to have that done. I think I missed two or three days of taking pictures during the funeral week... just didn't have it in me on those days. Other days, I needed the distraction. Thank you for all thoughts and prayers you sent our way. They were all much appreciated. My Mr. Wonderful's parents were wonderful people... I got very lucky with in-laws... and they will be (and are) greatly missed. I'm really hoping we're done with funerals this year... not sure I can really handle another.


Michelle said...

I hope that as well. Your family has been through enough. It's hard enough to lose one parent, much less lose both within such a short time. :(

He looks like such a proud pappa in that photo.

snapshots2011 said...

Love the rainbow bars- so colorful!