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Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 151/365

Day 151- Spinach picking friends
I finally went out to the garden to pick some spinach. The spinach like the lettuce is thriving. Makes me happy! And so did my little friends... well, maybe just two of them. The lady bug... I really love how "she" pops against the dark green spinach! Though now looking closer... I don't think it's a lady bug... maybe a asian ladybird beetle? No. A 12-spotted Ladybeetle? Yep, that's my guess. AND it seems I want it to stay to eat those pesky aphids!!
Then there was this guy... I don't think I like him. After looking him up, I've come to suspect he's a stinkbug nymph. Not ready for the attack of the stinkbugs.
AND then one of my favorite garden friends... =D


snapshots2011 said...

What a cute little lady bug! And the last picture is very sweet!

Michelle said...

Love that last picture. I've been seeing lots of those bugs from your first shot in my garden, too...along with *many* others.