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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 156/365

Day 156- Garden update
So... my garden has been neglected the last few days. I flew the coop for a few days to visit my brother and his family... and my Mr. Wonderful forgot to water for me! When I went to check the damage, I was happily greeted by one of our sunflowers in bloom!! It was a nice surprise... also a nice surprise to find the garden still happy... at least the veggies. The other flowers aren't quite as happy... though there was another daylily blooming!! ANYWAY... I had to capture OUR garden's first sunflower (the last capture was from a friend's garden).
AND then... I found the bunny again. I tried again to capture him moving. I think I like my last try better... though I kind of like how his hind leg looks.... where my focus accidentally fell. My kids were supposed to scare him off, but they didn't quite get the timing right. I said go... they stayed. I had to look at them and kind of push them to go... and then they immediately went... and I wasn't ready!! =P


Heidi said...

Those rabbit shots are truly amazing. Did you see him hanging and you were just waiting for him to hop along? I love your pictures!

Michelle said...

Okay where do I even start??? The sunflower (I'm jealous. :) Mine are getting tall, but they haven't started to flower yet)...and the bunny? Well...that's just an amazing shot. I love the motion of it!!!