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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 157/365 Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Day 157- Scavenger Hunt Sunday
It's been awhile since my last Scavenger Hunt. I've been wanting to get back, but life has just gotten in the way. BUT this week I was able to get it done... well, except for my paint capture. That one I had to pull from the recent archives... I just kind of forgot to take a new one!!! So... here's my interpretations!
Leaf Veins
Faceless Portrait

Thanks for stopping by!!! Feel free to go look at other interpretations at Ashley's Ramblings and Photos!


Leanne said...

Nice! Like your faceless portrait, very sweet.

Heidi said...

Nice pictures! I like the first and the last best...I love the scavenger hunt but also cannot always make it happen! Thanks for all of your feedback on my is fun to meet new friends!! Do you know about putting the "next button" on your toolbar? It makes it so much easier for me to comment (it won't always be this long, I promise!).

Michelle said...

Very nice, Gretchen. My favorite is faceless portrait (love that!!!). My next favorite is the way you did the eyelashes side by side. I didn't get to finish my hunt this week, but I hope to next time.

Ashley Sisk said...

Really nicely done - I'm loving all the color in your first shot! Have a great week.

Anne U said...

Great interpretation for paint, and love the faceless portrait.

Joy Taylor said...

Cute photos. I like how you did the eyelashes picture.

Valeria said...

There is no better paint than a rainbow.

Abi said...

I like your photos- very colorful and creative!