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Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 162-165/365

Did some visiting family at the swamp house this weekend!! Great fun! Now we're back and getting back to the regular schedule again. I TRIED to pick one picture per day to post now that I'm catching up, BUT most days I could only narrow it down to my two favorite! So... here you are...
Day 162- Holiday Lounging
The Girl and one of her favorite dog buddies enjoying the lounge chairs.
Day 163- Bird & Crab Watching
Just love how many birds we can see at the swamp!! =) Saw LOTS of egrets, a few million seagulls, and many more!
I could watch these guys for hours... one of my favorite sites from our swamp visits!
Day 164- Driving and Baby Watching
At one of the sites we visited The Kids played with these boat wheels... for a LONG time!! They had a blast... despite the fact that the boats are no longer there!! =P
Sat down on a bench to take a quick breather and caught site of these cuties. They're getting tucked in for a nap I think. Can you see the lil' feet sticking out from under the wing?!
Day 165- Morning Surprise
AND then this morning... I was greeted by this site! A mama turtle in the process of laying her eggs. It must've been turtle day, 'cause I think we saw about a dozen turtles by the time we left the swamp. After mama turtle left, I checked the area where she left her eggs. I found it, but she hid it pretty well. Hoping those lil' babies make it safe into the world! =)
AND... I love all the old wood docks at the swamp. I had to share at least one capture of them!! =)

Overall a great visit! We are now all tuckered out and needing a vacation from our long weekend getaway. Isn't that how it always goes?! Hope you all had a wonderful and safe 4th too!! =D


Michelle said...

Wow, Gretchen!!! You got some beautiful captures from your trip! My top faves are the turtle, the chicks, and the dof from the boat wheel shot (LOVE that one!).

Kimberly said...

These are all great! Those crabs are so cool! My kids would love seeing them!