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Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 169/365

Day 169- Rainy and Historical Day
We got rain... lots of rain! Luckily we had planned on indoor activities today. I did sneak out to capture some after-the-rain drops. I'm kind of digging this shot... it's crazy how the raindrops collected on one side of the leaf. Hmm?
AND we've been watching NASA coverage of the final space shuttle flight off and on all day. We're looking up. With thoughts of safe travels to the crew of Atlantis... I took this shot. (Yeah, it was a clear night here... the rains are taking a break again.)
AND then while looking up, I decided I like the skyline this evening as well. I didn't do it justice, but I tried! I captured some of the colors I was liking!


Kimberly said...

Great shots! Love the photo of the moon!

snapshots2011 said...

Love the water droplets on the leaf- perfect focus!