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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 171/365

Day 171- Scavenger Hunt Sunday
Things that look like a letter of the alphabet- The letter O.
Weather- This was taken with my little point and shoot camera... and taken a little over a week ago. It was one of those days that I WISHED I had my DSLR handy (well, I DID... the battery needed recharging though... maybe I need to buy a back-up), but I was glad I carry my point and shoot most everywhere too! This was quite the storm. It was very cool that we could watch it rolling in for at least 30 minutes before it arrived!!!
Bling- A little boy bling modeled by The Boy!!
Tangled- Um... from the movie! I wanted to capture The Girl's tangled bed head hair, but she wouldn't cooperate with the camera today... just one of those days! =P
Dark- Dark moments of my day today... finding these two little guys... both a little too close to my house. MAYBE I wouldn't mind finding either of them in a park or something, but not really wanting them in my neighborhood!!!! Mr. stinkbug and Mr. mouse (?)... go away!!!!

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Cedar said...

Great set! That stink bug is creepy! Love the boy bling!

Nela said...

Wow. Love your weather shot! Very beautiful scenery! ;)

Ashley Sisk said...

What a beautiful set - I especially love weather!

Sara said...

Oh I love the O photo, so interesting. The weather photo is fantastic. I love your macro shots for 174/365 too. Great colours in the fly and great capture getting two at the same time. Thanks for your visit!

Kimberly said...

Great photos! Love weather and bling! Oh, and we love the movie Tangled. I was actually tempted to just photograph the DVD cover. :)