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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 178/365

Day 178- Another garden update
I don't think I've given an update in my garden in awhile. Not much going on out there. My lettuce and spinach has bolted, the Brussel sprouts were eaten my cabbage bugs, the flowers are kind of dry... hanging in there, but dry. Today while watering my tomatoes, I found this BEAUTY!! It's the first to turn color. There's several out there that are pretty big, but they're all green still. I'm VERY tempted to pick this one now... I want it to be OURS... NOT the critters out there. Looking like a good BLT tomato. I left it there for another day... hoping it makes it through the night untouched! =P
Also, took another look at the other sunflower in our garden... the one planted by The Girl. It's HUGE!! In the last week or so, it's doubled in size. AND now, I'm pretty sure it'll open up for us this week... maybe tomorrow. It's getting there! So excited to see color (other than green) again!!!!

OH... and one other thing about this sunflower. I took the shot totally not seeing the little bugs on it. How did I miss that crazy blue/red bug there in the lower left side?! He looks so obvious now that I'm looking at this picture. Hmmm??!! I see two other camouflaged one now too, but I can see how I might miss those. I'm not for sure, but I think the crazy blue/red bug may be a red-banded leafhopper. Hope I can get a closer up shot of him soon...

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snapshots2011 said...

Hmmm..I was wondering if you stepped into my backyard to take a picture of my garden- the tomatoes and sunflowers look exactly the same! I didn't even see that bug until you pointed it