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Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 179/365

Day 179- Ants
So, I'm not entirely happy with a single shot I took today. They just didn't come out as I'd hoped. I'm still sharing one (or two) here today though. These icky things caught my eye while I was out sipping my coffee. A lot of little bumps on a weed nearby that hadn't been pulled yet. Upon closer examination, I saw several sorts of buggies. Later, after some time on Google, I've determined that they were an example of ant mutualism... ants tending aphids. The ants take care of/protect the aphids in exchange for their "honeydew." The ants tap/stroke the aphids with their antennae and the aphids release their "honeydew" to the ant. Fascinating. AND a bit icky I know. AND I should probably pull them out and get rid of them since aphids are not good for the garden (measly at it is), but not today. Today I will be fascinated. (If you want to be even further fascinated with me... I found this funny video too... well, maybe not funny, but interesting with good, relaxing music!!)
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lisaschaos said...

That's pretty interesting and well, icky, lol.