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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 185/365

Day 185- Playin' around
So... I set out today thinking I would get around to participating in the Scavenger Hunt Sunday... even picked out a few shots that I could use since I knew I couldn't get them ALL done today. (In case your wondering... YEP I usually do them all on Sunday or Saturday.) Anyway, didn't get it done. Came around dinner time and I hadn't even thought about pulling my camera out. We've been car shopping. Have a dead car to replace. And knocking water pipes. It's been a fun weekend! Anyway, while waiting for our food to come out (yep, went out for dinner again... not usual for us to go out twice in one week... just tired), I decided to play with the camera... and my two cute models. It went sort of like this...
Sweet Shot Day

took first shot and saw it was pretty cute, but the focus seemed off.
Took second shot and saw that the kids had moved and condiments were in the way, The Boy had a silly face (not bad, but not what I wanted), and The Girl's hands were all over her head.
Took third shot... and could tell the kids were like... "come on mom we're DONE!!!" So... put the camera away. I DID pull it out again later and took some shots of our sad, eaten sunflower (the original sunflower that bloomed a few weeks ago) and a few insect shots, but I kind of like these more!!! AND I took a few way too many minutes fiddling with RAW editing. I've been shooting in RAW for awhile now, but have been to scared to fiddle. I've been having the urge lately to change that. These pictures seemed perfect for fiddling... especially since my white balance was all off on the first two anyway! I think I like it!!! =)

So... maybe next Sunday I'll get back to the hunt...

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