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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 187/365

Day 187- Summer Hair-do...
So... The Girls hair is tangled. It's her summer look. My thoughts on the matter... I don't wanna fight her everyday in the summer if I don't have to. She's happy... so I'm happy!! The bangs... I would cut them, but they don't seem to bother her and she says she wants to grow them out. She wants to be Rapunzel... I have to thank Tangled for that!!! =P

Paper Heart Photo

I do have to admit... I didn't take this today. I didn't even take my camera out today. I'm bad. So, so bad. I took it recently. I edited it today though... been tinkering these past few days with PSE. I used Pioneer Woman's Sunshine (I think that's the name). I adjusted to my taste. I kind of dig it! She looks beachy! =P

1 comment:

snapshots2011 said...

Enjoy the "tangles" while they last-- soon she'll be a pre-teen (or teen) who's obsessed with how her hair looks every waking moment (and then you can whip this picture back out!)
I'll have to look up the action you used-- I love the warmth.