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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 202/365

Day 202- Where was I Wednesday?!
Spent way too long today at this place. The Kids were going CRAZY in the small space. We didn't get enough fresh air. Oh well, at least all is good!
Here is another clue. I would've gotten more clues, but seriously... The Kids almost lost their minds... me too!! Last time I try to combine trips!!! =P
AND later tonight... just before bedtime. The Girl was writing her first thank you card. Usually she just draws. This time she actually wrote the letters. AWESOME! I like when her hair is braided too. It's a little messy here (and I wish I'd moved the focus to the top of the braid rather than the bottom), but I still like it!! A good memory to record... =D


Michelle said...

I hate doctor visits...any time spent there is too long in my book. ;) Love the braid's so pretty and pink!

Sarah said...

I love that last one.

Kimberly said...

Ugh, doctor's visits. Love the photo of your daughter!