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Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 212-214/365

Day 212-214: Catch-up post
Went away for the weekend to visit friends and family. Didn't want to mooch internet service... just wanted to visit. I did take pictures...

Day 212- New Park
Visited a new park. The Kids had a BLAST!!! =)
Day 213- Moving Day
We packed up a few items in a moving van today. Didn't feel so pushed to take any pictures. =\
Day 214- More Garden Fun
Is it bad that every time I go visit this friend, I take tons of pictures of her garden??!! =P I had lots of flower pictures today and was finished, BUT then we spotted this guy... and he posed quite nicely. Even waited for me to pull the camera out!!! =)

...AND then this guy... just 'cause I think he's cute!!


Heidi said...

Seriously-that grasshopper was totally posing! I love that shot (and your others too). Glad you had fun and glad you took photos too.

Sara said...

Wow, awesome photo of the grasshopper, he's so colourful too, we only have the ugly brown ones in our garden.

Kimberly said...

Glad you had a fun weekend! That new park that the kids got to play in looks way cool! And I love that grasshopper!

deb duty said...

That grasshopper is awesome. I love taking pics in gardens too!

Michelle Renee said...

Cool grasshopper capture! I'd be the same way if there were pretty blooming things around me. I'm sure your friend is happy to oblige. It's an honor really that you think her flowers are pretty enough to want to photograph them. :)