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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 215/365

Day 215- Memories and Reorganization
Spent the day reorganizing the kitchen. This weekend we went visiting family... and brought home a few new pieces of furniture from my Mr. Wonderful's parents' house. Definitely a bittersweet trip, BUT it's a piece that will help bring constant memories of happy visits with MomMom and PopPop for all of us... and those memories are definitely welcomed. It doesn't really fit the decor of the kitchen where it's found a new home, BUT we all like it... and as a bonus, it provides extra storage for a previously bursting kitchen!

NOTE: OH... and we did feel the East coast earthquake here... we're all good... no damage found (not even a fallen toy)! It WAS quite freaky. I've apparently been around areas that have had earthquakes in the past, but have never actually felt them (always seem to sleep right through them). Definitely a crazy moment in our otherwise uneventful day.


Michelle Renee said...

Interesting and pretty texture. More storage is always a good thing.

We felt the tremor, too. I was on the computer when it happened. I watched my moniter bounce back and forth while I was bouncing with it. At first, I thought something exploded in our garage to make the house shake like that...then I realized what was going on.

lisaschaos said...

Such beautiful work!