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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 219/365


Day 219- Indoors
... 'cause of the rain! Well, not entirely. We spent the morning lazing around and then prepping for the storm. I'd say hurricane, BUT really we're just getting rain (perhaps around an inch so far) and minor wind. We lucked out... we're just outside of the major risk areas. We prepped though... 'cause Irene could've changed course and made our day most awful. I'm keeping an eye and ear open and sending out thoughts and prayers to all friends and family in the path... including any of you out there... stay safe tonight and through the remainder of Irene's wrath!! Many people are getting hit hard.
So anyway, I took pictures from inside the house today. The legos are a BIG part of The Kid's day, everyday. Mine too... I step on them all the time. OUCH! =P They are fun though... and I love seeing what The Kids build!
My Mr. Wonderful had a dentist appointment today... look what he got for being such a good patient!! =P
AND finally... a storm just isn't complete until you bake! I cheated and used a box mix, BUT Mmmm-mmm!!!

Stay safe those of you in the path of Irene. Sending safe thoughts your way. And those of you who have made it through... hoping there hasn't been much damage.


Kimberly said...

We're big on Lego's here too. In fact, my boys still play with the Jumbo Lego's we've had since Keira was a baby! Those brownies look yummy! Now I really want one! :)

Heidi said...

I love the lego guys! And that flower is really beautiful-do you use a macro lens?

Kalyan said...

simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

Dyche Designs said...

Great pics, we seem to be having a storm (heavy rain and wind) but nothing too severe. Thinking of everyone that's riding out this hurricane.

deb duty said...

Such a pretty flower and that dessert looks yummy! It's been a while since we've had lego toys around. Great pics!

snapshots2011 said...

First..those brownies made me drool a little- are those marshmallows?
Second..I have a soft spot for Legos..and pictures of Legos. Love that first one!

Last- you asked me two questions on my blog recently and I just wanted to answer them real quick-- I will be teaching first grade this year- all subjects. And yes, I've been to the Crayola factory..many times in fact, (even when it was an actual factory!) and was actually there earlier this summer. It's a great place!

Michelle Renee said...

Great pics, Gretchen. I'm drooling over the brownie. :)

I'm glad you fared well with Irene. We did, too. We lost some tree branches and a couple trees in the woods that I didn't know about until later. Last night we had another storm that did the same thing. The weather has definitely made things interesting!