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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 226-228/365

Day 226- Pretty Lilacs
No lilacs in my yard, BUT my brother has them in abundance. I am jealous!!
Day 227- Doggies
My brother also has pretty doggy friends! This is Dixie. She's the kind of dog I'd love!!!
AND this is Jack, the kind of dog The Girl would LOVE! =)
Day 228- More Drive-by shootings
On the road, I captured a few pictures of boats! I was thinking I'd be happy with this boat. How much do you think I could get it for?!
AND tugboats all lined up in a row. I think they're most adorable workhorses!! I'm pretty happy with this shot... especially since I got it while moving along at about 45 mph!! (I was riding and shooting... not driving and shooting!)

SO... in case you're wondering, I've decided to change up my posting a little. These are pictures from Saturday through Monday. I'm going to post today's picture tomorrow. So, I'll be a day behind with posting, BUT still taking a picture everyday. AND I might not post at all on weekends and post those pictures on a Monday catch-up post. I have a little extra free time during the days while the kiddos are in school, SO I want to do my internet business when they are gone. That way I can hang with them when they get home... and my Mr. Wonderful after they go to bed. More family time... is good. Works for me for now! If I end up going back to work, I might have to change it up again.


snapshots2011 said...

I was acutally just going to comment on how I like your posting style- I may adapt this for the new year. Not sure how going back to teaching is going to go- so I might adapt it sooner!

Love the puppy pictures- you captured such emotion, and the tugboats all lined up are so cute!

Michelle Renee said...

You did a fantastic job capturing your bother's dogs. Dixie has such kind eyes. I always say you can tell an animals personality by their eyes. She looks sweet.

Glad you're making posting work for you, instead of the other way around. Cool tugboats. ---I'd never guess they were taken at 45 mph. :)

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

fabulous job capturing the puppies,

the tugs remind me of the "little engine that could"

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Love drive-by shootings. Seems that's all I get when we're traveling or when the light disappears before I get home from work. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.