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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 232-233/365

Day 232- Still raining...
BUT the sun did make it out by the end of the day!! I drove through a local park to check out the high waters. These garbage cans lined up all in a row caught my eye. I'm guessing the park crew moved them uphill to help keep them from floating away. We actually had a picnic here today... and they were spread around the park grounds again.
Another view of the park. I just liked the big hole in the tree!
Ran into one of my deer friends too... s/he's all wet from the rain. S/he doesn't seem to mind though... just hungry! Still cute!
AND can you see the sunlight in this shot?! I meant to take a picture of a random rose that has sprouted up on my rose bush... a bush that's been barren since earlier this summer, but instead got distracted by my ol' friend the blue tailed skink! I haven't seen him all summer. We ran into him fairly often last summer, but this summer I was afraid he'd moved on. Glad to run into him! =P

Day 233- Playground fun and blue skies!!!!!
I took this while letting the kids ride around on their bikes. Just wanted to capture the blue sky... and the hoop was there begging to be used in some way!
Part of one of the playground toys. Loved the colors... and the blue sky!!
Colorful mushrooms?! These make good seats while The Kids run and play... until they kick you off 'cause they want to walk on them!!
AND here's that flower I mentioned. I went back and captured it yesterday before it was gone! =P

Just want to add... I remember. I will not forget.


Heidi said...

FUN shots! I love how the rain is not bringing you down... I must remember this when it gets rainy here... love the garbage cans and the playground equipment. Have a good week Gretchen!

Kimberly said...

Great photos! Those garbage cans cracked me up. :)

We had rain off and on all day also. But the sun did manage to shine some. Even while it was raining, but I couldn't find a rainbow. Here's hoping for more sunny days soon!

edenhills said...

These are all wonderful. I love the cheerful color of the playground!


Sarah said...

Wow, what wonderful shots. These are sooo gorgeous Gretchen. said...

Fantastic selective focus on the image of the skink. Happy MM.

Michelle Renee said...

You do such a wonderful job capturing deer. ---I'd love to see one just so I could try! :)

My next favorite is the pretty blue and purple in your playground shot. Great photos as always. I enjoyed my visit!