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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 242/365

Day 242- More Nature...
I don't have my favorite little models during much of the day now... so I go explore nature! Well, nature or Target... or the grocery... or Costco... the post office... you know the regular places to run errands.
I enjoy getting out. And being able to look and walk at MY pace!! Look at what I want to look at! BUT I do miss The Kids. Still getting used to school being back in session that's for sure.
I need to work on time management though. Finding that I'm still not getting everything done. OR maybe I need to just shrink the "to do" list!!
For now though... I'm just enjoying the weather (even if it's still awfully rainy) and the sites! =)


Light and Voices said...

Fantastic shots!
Joyce M

CailinMarie said...

these are great! I opened the post and thought, I love mushrooms, and then I scrolled down a bit and thought, wow, I love all these photos. Nice work.

Kimberly said...

Beautiful photos! And, boy, can I relate with the time-management comment! :) And the errand one also. Going grocery shopping this morning, in fact.

Have a lovely day, my friend!

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

nothing wrong with exploring nature, the mushroom shot is fabulous ~ wonderful compostion