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Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 245/365

Day 245- Fall Color
Finding more and more fall color out and about... kind of wishing the temps would follow!! High 70s and low 80s... I'm over it. I want some chili!! I was all set to make it last week when it got cold, but then the weather changed back to humid. ICKY.
I see a tiny bit of red in these berries. Maybe? I've never seen red berries on it before, but I always figured it would have red berries. Hmmm????
The Kids are really enjoying the chalk these days! We go through cycles with their loves. This week it's chalk. Next week... who knows!!


Kimberly said...

We are seeing a bit of fall colors here also. I was loving the past few days - warmer temps. Today was a bit chilly. And wet.

I absolutely love the photo of your daughter! And the chalk on her face. Too cute!

snapshots2011 said...

Isn't the humidity right now just awful? Love The Girl's blue hand- too cute!