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Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 246-248/365


Day 246- Ballet
The Girl had her first ever ballet class today. It's our test class. To see how she likes it. So far, she likes is. Thinks it was too long (45 minutes), BUT she LOVES the new leotard we got her for the class. The pants here are my fault. I didn't plan ahead and couldn't find her leotard the morning of the class... so I put her in these stretchy pants and a shirt. Before we left the house I realized she was also supposed to have ballet slippers. OOPS!! We ran to the store before the class and found this leotard and some slippers. Happy girl... she wore the leotard ALL weekend!! =) I kind of like the look she had for the class... next week The Girl wants tights on though...
Day 247- Working walk
I worked my park job today... on the way back to my car I captured a few fun shots. These are my favorite two! I also found a really nice tripod next to a pond. LUCKILY I spotted the person who it belonged to and returned it to them!! I overheard her saying to the group (I was assuming family/friends) that she leaves stuff all around... she mentioned tripods and lenses. Guess I'd better keep my eyes peeled for left behind treasures. Though I'd try to return them... I'd feel bad keeping such things!!
These geese... I got lucky with this shot. Had to run a bit to actually get to a spot where I could see them land. They circled over my head twice before going in for a landing. I wish I was more ready, but this turned out not so bad for having to run and shoot!! =P
Day 248- LAZY day
Wasted the whole day away... and didn't get any shots in 'til late. This was my best. Not a great sunset. Oh well!! At least I DID get a shot in for the day. =)


Kimberly said...

Glad she liked ballet! She looks sweet in her outfit!

Love the purple flowers and your geese photo looks great! They are hard to capture in flight, so kudos to you!

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

fabulous job with the "coming in for a landing" shot ~ nice

snapshots2011 said...

Your daughter looks so serious! Glad she's liking it!