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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 250-251/365

Day 250- Soccer Practice
So... would've posted last night, BUT got called out on a last minute GNI at a friend's house instead. So I went out! Can you blame me? Just didn't feel like posting when I got home... went to bed instead. AND then today... I got on a cleaning binge. When those come along, I have to go with the flow... especially since I don't much like cleaning!! =P So... here's another catch-up post!
Here The Boy is celebrating while the boy next to him is not. Ah... the contrast!
The Boy is the goalie in this shot. This season is the first season for goalies. I don't think he's getting it. He's supposed to be watching the ball... not the parents/kids behind the net!! It's all good... he has fun! =P
Day 251-Clouds
Kind of put off taking pictures. Last minute, I captured some shots of clouds. I'm afraid they aren't so good... kind of grainy. Oh well!
I do like the colors in this shot!


Heidi said...

That last sky shot is cool-it looks like one of the clouds is in the shape of an airplane... I wish my daughter was playing soccer this year-I love soccer!

snapshots2011 said...

I love the look of success and the agony of defeat-- too funny!