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Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 269/365


Day 269- Another Fall Festival
I LOVE this shot!! The lollipop hanging out The Boy's mouth, the ring toss caught in the air, the bokeh... so glad The Boy was letting me "shoot" him this weekend. Makes it alright that I wasn't able to focus the camera so much on nature! =P

In case you're wondering, he didn't make that shot. He did get one or two bottles ringed though... just took a few (million) tries!! =D

The Girl didn't really let me "shoot" her this weekend. Odd kiddos! She didn't race a horse though!!! =P

AND here's a little street photography. I'm not sure how I feel putting up pictures of strangers, but I'm trying it out. If you stop by... what's your feelings on this. I just thought the umbrella was funny, so I took a few shots. They turned out pretty cute. Anyway, I wasn't super close... so it's street photography from afar, but that counts right?

OH... and I know I'm late posting yet another day's photos... had some technical difficulties last night. Several. Hoping I've figured it out...


Kimberly said...

Great shots at the festival! Love the second one where you focused on the bottles. Great perspective!

I haven't taken many photos of strangers because I feel weird posting them also. But these are cute!

snapshots2011 said...

Wow! All great pictures- my favorite is the first one of your son- love the action you caught! And the black and white is perfect with the strangers pictures!

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Love street photography, but do not have talent to be any good at it. I'm with you, not sure if I should share--not sure I'm bold enough to even take the picture. I don't feel as self-conscious when I'm in the big city, but I do in my hometown. I like this one very much. It tells a story.