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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 285/365


Day 285- Happy lil' princess!
The Girl could play outside all day if I'd let her. The Boy not so much. He'd much rather play the wii. Had camera and The Girl at the playground today and caught a few "action" shots of her. The smile on this one made it a favorite!! =D

Also found some fun fungi! =P A few bird's nest fungus. I just thought they looked cute.

I've been really bad at visiting blogs/other 365ers lately. Kind of taking a break I guess. It's amazing how busy you can get when the kiddos are off at school! I'm getting some much needed work taken care of, but at the same time... I'm not getting much computer time. I guess that's not a horrible thing. I just feel guilty! I'll be making rounds soon. Not tonight though. I need to head to bed... so sleepy! G'night.

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