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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 289/365


Day 289- Busy Day
I played chauffeur all day today!! WOOT! I tried to get a few shots of The Girl since she was by my side most of the day, but this is about all I could get. Whether watching her brother play soccer...

or while swinging at the park. She just didn't want to get her picture taken again. She's been pretty anti-picture lately. She'll come around again. One day.

I didn't get too many nature photo ops, BUT I did try to capture a bunch of birds in a tree. I wasn't quite close enough... but see how many you can see! There were quite a few up there!

Hoping my computer is running much smoother by the end of the week. Should be finally getting some extra RAM installed. We'll see how that goes... fingers crossed. I'm very tired of the slow moving computer... =\


Kimberly said...

I have days where the kids don't want their pictures taken either, but they always come back around. Love the bird shot!

snapshots2011 said...

Love the pictures of the Girl! At first I thought you were going to say she's cold- but she's being independent! Here's hoping she comes around soon!

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

ahh, we all have days that we just don't want our photo taken