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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 292/365


Day 292- Soaking in the color...
It's been windy out. They keep saying the leaves will fall, but they seem to be holding on tight this fall! I've been seeing them fall the past few days though, so I figure I'd better get out there and capture them a few more times before they are gone.

These are a few scenes from my backyard. I like my views. Not too bad for the 'burbs!

AND a few close-ups! This is my (yes, it's MINE!!) Bradford pear tree. LOVE this tree almost all year 'round. It's got beautiful (and maybe a little stinky) flowers, nice green leaves in the summer with berries the birds LOVE, and in the fall the leaves turn all sorts of yellows and dark reds... nice mix of surprises!

Can't help myself. Here's one more!

SO.... I've revved up the computer finally! Last night I operated. I removed the sad, slow 1 GB of RAM I've been operating on for much too long and added a happy, new 4 GB of RAM!!! I'm moving again!! I've been avoiding my computer for several weeks. It was getting PAINFUL!! I would sit for 30+ minutes just waiting to open my pictures most days. I'm not good at sitting and waiting anymore. I'm happy to say though... the operation seems to have been successful. I just opened, edited, uploaded, and posted the past 3 days of blog posts/pictures in less than an hour!!! WOOT!!! Now... to stop avoiding the computer (and I have to admit it's been affecting my picture taking motivation to)!!! =D SO HAPPY!!!

(Now kicking myself and wondering why I didn't do this ages ago... it was such a simple operation... with such happy results!)

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