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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 296/365


Day 296- Walk in a park
Found an old ice house. Crazy to think that this is where people used to get ice from. Ice that they pulled from cold winter waterways and stored for use in the hot summers. Makes you thankful for modern conveniences!! (Even if they drop ice all over your floors all of the time!!)

The Girl wanted to see inside, but could only get "hole in the window peeps!"

Along the way we found this huge, creepy fella. I would've gotten a little more macro, but didn't want to get any closer. Ick.


This was one of our rewards for walking this trail!! Gorgeous views!

The Kids got their own little treasures... some geocaching treasures! Here's a shot of them on the hunt... they liked these big yellow leaves too. We walked through quite a few of them... so pretty! =)



Ms. Burrito said...

Very pretty!

Come take a peek at my MYM entry, am sure you'll have fun!

Carletta said...

Love the tone of the first shot and the great texture of the stone in the second!
I'm allergic to spiders so that's about as close as I'd get too. Nice shot!
Love the yellow and the fun smiles!!!

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Neat old ice house. Nice post!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Excellent photo adventure. I hope she didn't lean into any spiders when peering through the window. Ewwwwww, I don't like spiders. Still...great photo.

My link for today is: GARDEN FLOWERS

Gemma Wiseman said...

The old ice house is an amazing structure! Very solid! And love that scattering of Autumn golds and the smiling faces!

Tanya said...

i love that old ice house!

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

fun walk in the woods,

em said...

Love that first shot! I wouldn't have gotten any closer either!!

Ida said...

Really great photo series. The Ice House was very interesting. The spider (creepy) but yet fascinating.
The Scnery, stunning.
- Love the Happy Smiles in your last photo. said...

That spider is huge! I wouldn't have gotten any closer either.

Happy MM