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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 303/365


Day 303- Cookies and Flowers
It's amazing that oatmeal sludge could go from this...


to this...

to this!! OH YUM!!! =P Yep... it was a cookie making kind of day!!

And my mums are still bloomin' despite the couple below freezing nights we've had. Guess there's a reason they say they're 'hardy!!'



I did let The Girl pick a few to bring in the house! We need a little color in there!

And after she gathered a vase-ful, she wanted to pose with her pretty flowers. I just HAD to let her, right?! Anyway, it was a beutiful, yummy day!! =P


Kim, USA said...

Yay that is yummy. And what a very pretty little girl ^_^

Liza said...

Oh yum! Your daughter is adorable.

Have a fabulous week.

Liz @ MLC

pcphotoblog said...

Heart warming series, happy macro Monday!

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

what wonderful photos of your daughter, so bright and happy

LauraX said...

Yum...somebody looks happy!

Branson said...

I would totally love some cookies right now ;)

Ida said...

Yum! Bring on the Cookies!
Your girl is just adorable and what a happy smile. said...

I love the cookies series. The final product looks delicious!

Happy MM

MC said...

The cookies look so crispy and the little girl is so cute.

Visiting from MYM.
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