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Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 315/365


Day 315- DOF Fun
Couple random everyday things caught my eye at the playground today... so I played took pictures while the kids played on the swings. I thought this "trapped" leaf was pretty cool.

And the nail and cracked wood of the playground's boundary. Amazing how the common can look pretty cool when you take a closer look!

AND today, The Boy was letting me take pictures of him, so I did a little lot more playing with the zoom effect that I tried yesterday with The Girl.

This is by far my favorite attempt of the day (and of yesterday too... love the golden light and fall colors!!), BUT I didn't have my model in frame (he was busy on the swing at the moment while I was testing the exposure).

AND this... I don't know WHAT I did, but I'm kind of digging it. Sometimes you just gotta love the mess-ups! =P

AND finally... I did manage to capture the effect with The Boy in frame a couple times. THIS was the best of those. I like it a lot too, but a little sad my focus is on his chest and not his face. I still got work to do, but I took advantage of having a willing model!!! AND I promise, I'll be taking a break from this slightly dizzying effect for a bit. It'll probably be at least a week before The Kids work with me again... and I'd like to research it a little on the 'net (any suggestions on readings/links are welcomed). For now, I'm pretty happy with the results!! AND it's helped a little get me out of my photo rut... for today anyway!! =P


Gillian said...

So neat, i like the zoom effect. The first photo is my fav though, so crisp and great contrast!

Sarah said...

I love the first one Its sooooo lovely! Nice work!

Jeanne said...

It is hard to catch those kids isn't it. Very interesting effect that you are getting here..... Have no idea how your did it, but really cool. Thanks also for stopping my blog and the very nice comment.

Anne U said...

Really like the first two shots.

Branson said...

So fun! Loving all the gorgeous saturated colors, and it is always awesome to see someone really having FUN with their camera! :)

deb duty said...

These are great! I've never tried that effect before. I really love the leaf in the fence photo.

snapshots2011 said...

They look awesome! I love the placement on the last one- it's just perfect!
I'll have to try some this weekend- you've inspired me!