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Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 329/365


Day 329- Playin' in the Kitchen
Went for a candy snack today... and got inspired. I tried making the "S's" all straight, but I like the crooked look better. =P

Also played a little with water droplets. I've been meaning to try this for quite some time. Today probably wasn't the best day for it since it was dreary out. I like how it turned out though. Mostly.

Here's another go. I like the angle on this one, but the droplet on the other. Oh well. =)

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snapshots2011 said...

You've got to get out of my head! Last week you took those awesome zooming pictures that I've been wanting to try, and today you have the CD and water droplet pictures that are on my list *today* to try! Great minds think alike-- I hope mine come out half as awesome as yours!